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August 30, 2016

Innovation of the Week: An Umbrella For All Weathers

One umbrella to rule them all. Image credit: Blunt Umbrellas website

Just the other day, I was walking in mild rain under my super light compact umbrella. All was fine until a strong breeze came and blew my umbrella inside out and left me exposed.

I love that my umbrella is so portable, but sometimes it’s just not the right fit. How many of you out there can relate to the mixed relief and angst that umbrellas bring to our weather-resisting needs?

Well it looks like there is now an answer to our needs — an umbrella to rule them all.

I’m talking about the Blunt Umbrellas, scalloped-shaped umbrellas that were carefully crafted and constructed in order to address the usual flaws of the conventional umbrella.

Intensive research has gone into the Blunt Umbrellas to ensure that they are made the best that they can be. The features of this weather-shield are:

  • award-winning high tension canopy
  • approved 38-point quality control check
  • fibreglass ribs
  • fibreglass shaft
  • design for aerodynamic handling
  • wind tunnel tested
  • safety tips (no more accidentally poking someone with sharp tips!)
  • storm resistant
  • comes with a global 2-year warranty

Blunt umbrellas come in a range of colourful tones and practical models. There is a range for golf, another offering compact and light models for easy portability, and also Blunt Minis for kids.

“We are all about beating the umbrella throwaway culture and our goal is to replace every bad umbrella with a Blunt model,” co-founder Greig Brebner told Malaysia’s The Star. That’s why he and fellow founder Scott Kington have put so much effort into the research, design and testing.

It is because of all their effort, and the quality of material and structure put into the Blunt umbrellas that they are priced from RM270, at least five times more than a normal umbrella.

But if a Blunt umbrella can guarantee that that’s as much as you’ll be spending on an umbrella for the rest of your life, then we say that that’s a pretty good investment.

Blunt umbrellas are available online at

Charmain Sim
Charmain Sim
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